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Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

gavingmiller 882 days ago link

I think you either Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey are lucky or not working on some low level problems. I had at least two cases (in last 5 years) where I had to debug code and enter Windows libraries reading assembler code using cdb/windbg. It was painful knowing that in Linux I could simply read code, understand it and potentially fix it. If you look at the source code you can quickly answer the question: yes, they really did design things in this brain dead way, and now my caching layer which is supposed to be fast is going to have to handle an exception every single cache hit. (When you're issuing over a million requests per day and you're paying for CPU time by the hour this design decision actually has a cost since exception handling is slow.)

Happened to me today. I'm working on an older version of Ruby on Rails (3.1.3) and hit a bug that the documentation said should have worked. Turns out that a bug had been introduced into the codebase and wasn't caught by any tests. Sometimes (often) documentation gets out of sync with code.

After working in a Linux/Open source environment for several years and then switching to Microsoft a few years ago, I noticed that things seemed to be getting progressively more open and developer friendly. Their Nuget packaging system is pretty much RubyGems + Bundler. Last year was the last time I touched MS stuff, and it was pretty raw and not ready for the masses yet. It was very progressive in that my managers always pushed me to question the conventional "MS" way of programming/architecting. Their closed software drove me away from them to RoR. Now, I have some peace of mind knowing that the bleeding of good devs away from MS stack may finally slow down. I can't wait to see the next generations of Scott Hanselman and ScottGu pushing the envelope for MS.

pcore 882 days ago link

daliusd 882 days ago link

wooUK 882 days ago link

need to seek out what is broken, and you need to fix it. You fix it at the right spot in the stack to minimize risks, maintenance costs, and turnaround time. Sometimes, a quick workaround is best. Other times, you'll need to recompile your compiler. I'm responsible for it. I must understand it. Building from source is the rule and not an exception. That particular library that is very relevant to you and maybe 20 50 other people in the world. Without open source, all long tail efforts would be each independent person doing it for themselves (when you have 30 50 people in the world that should be sharing!)Although the modern web is making it viable for small teams w/little capital to go after long tail in a commercial way (many YC startups are a testament to this) Huarache Nm All Black

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

with their stack, the first question I ask them is: "Well, did you read the source code?"I encourage developers to git clone anything and everything they depend on. Initially, they are all afraid. "That project is too big, I'll never find it!" or "I'm not smart enough to understand it" or "That code is so ugly! I can't stand to look at it". But you don't have to search the whole thing, you just need to follow the trail. They care that your software is bugged. Everyone's software becomes my software because all of their bugs are my bugs. When something goes wrong, you Huarache White Blue Green

This is an honest question: Having been in IT and software development for over a decade, I have never encountered a problem that required me to look at the source code. As such, I've never really understood the open source movement. I can't imagine a scenario where the software I am using, the same software used by hundreds of thousands of others, would be broken to the point where I had to go into the source and fix it. I worked for Microsoft as a software developer doing integration work on Visual Studio. When you're using most software for it's primary function, it's a well worn path. Others have encountered the problems and enough people have spoken up to prompt the core contributors to correct the issue. But when you're building software, you're doing something new. And there are so many ways to do it, you'll encounter unused bits, rusty corners, and unfinished experimental code paths. Sometimes, it's wrong. The source code never lies. For an experienced developer, reading the source can often be faster. A lot of the other CTOs and engineers come to our team for guidance and advice on occasion. When people report a problem Nike Huarache Ultra Black Red

although I don't imagine them doing this for a 30 50 people target market.

My experience reflects yours. Pretty much any time I've been calling out into other people's libraries, there have been times that I wished I could step through their source and/or fix their bugs.

manojlds 882 days ago link

I am not a great open source contributor, but I always come across bugs, performance issues, feature improvements etc. which I contribute to the open source projects I am using. In closed source all I can do is raise a bug request / feature request and wait till the team decides to fix it or never. All the features / scenarios / corner cases may not be encountered / thought of by the main development team and it is great that a real user can contribute to the project to make it better. There are still a couple issues that I could never get resolved that are buried in the stack.

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

´╗┐NET MVC Now Accepting Pull Requests

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

Nike Air Huarache Black & Dark Grey

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