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Huaraches Blue And Black

Huaraches Blue And Black

Huaraches Blue And Black

The reversible gowns, which can also be worn like a traditional gown, will be introduced across both of the hospitals, and will eventually be used by most patients.

Huaraches Blue And Black

this new gown the big thing is the fact that it is reversible."

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The gowns will be introduced across both hospitals in the next few months.

They were tested and developed with patients on six wards at the City Hospital and QMC between March and June last Huarache Nike Shoes 2018

She said x ray patients had to get changed into gowns in one area and then walk down a corridor to have their Huaraches Blue And Black x ray, which could leave them exposed in traditional gowns.

Gavin Scott, of Interweave, who worked on the design of the gowns, said: "We wanted to make it as easy as possible for staff to get access and for patients to put it on.

Huaraches Blue And Black

year, before modifications were made in the autumn.

is hoped that the gowns which can be tied up at the front like a dressing gown will spare patients' blushes at the Queen's Medical Centre and City Hospital.

Huaraches Blue And Black

Huaraches Blue And Black

"There was definitely a need for a new gown, and these are functional and flexible."

"But everyone seems to be really pleased with Huarache Low White

Huaraches Blue And Black

Huaraches Blue And Black

"Everyone's familiar with the old type of hospital gown that can leave your bottom exposed. We had a lot of feedback from patients who were very rightly unhappy with this.

The development of the gowns has been funded by a donation from Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

The radiology department was one of the areas where the new gowns were tried out.

"The standard gown can be very difficult to tie and can come loose.

Huaraches Blue And Black

´╗┐New gowns spare hospital patients' blushes

Mark Stone, linen services manager at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust, began working on prototypes for the gowns in summer 2010 with textiles company Interweave.

Teresa Taylor, superintendent radiographer, said the response had been positive.

Huaraches Blue And Black

Huaraches Blue And Black

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